❄️ December Update

December 25, 2022

Candy Cane Island

  • New Candy Cane Island and hourly event reward!

Released Race Awakenings (v4): 

  • Check out this vid for information on how to unlock them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWnkpb-dSms
  • Expect a lot of balancing changes over the next few days!

Misc. Changes: 

  • The C move of Dough V2 now adjusts to your aura color.
  • Rainbow aura now displays properly on weapons.
  • The eye trail effect now is the same color as your aura.
  • Buddha now deals 27.5% decreased M1 damage, only in PvP. Hopefully this isn't too much of a nerf.
  • Enhanced the hitbox detection of Sea Beasts.
  • Slightly increased cooldowns on Portal's mobility moves.
  • Nerfed Dough V2's X.
  • Walking (CTRL) is now the same speed for everyone, for aesthetic purposes. Run speed is unchanged.
  • Fixed a description error for the red orb.
  • Fixed a generation error on the maze trial.
  • You should now get your V4 title right away.
  • Fixed the transformation HUD not working the first time.
  • Buffed Ghoul V4's slowness passive.
  • Fixed Phoenix raid.
  • Fixed Shark V4 not rewarding NPC kills sometimes.

Other Fixes: 

  • Fixed Venom transformation not working.
  • Fixed Party Hat and Aquamarine not showing up.
  • Fixed the Sleigh bug.
  • Fixed being unable to unstore fruits on Sea 1.
  • Fixed a visual bug with mastery.
  • Fixed servers crashing sometimes when the countdown ends (countdown freezing at 1 second).
  • Fixed visual bugs with Holiday Cloak.
  • Fixed some invisible collisions on Blizzard's Z.
  • Fixed fruit stock displaying twice sometimes.
  • Fixed some bugs with Portal's V ability.