👻 Ghost Event

11/02/23 The all-new Ghost fruit arrives alongside two new events: the Halloween Event, and Haunted Shipwreck!

New Content:
  • Added new fruit: Ghost (Revive rework).
  • Added Halloween Event:
    • Cursed Chests will now spawn every 4-6 minutes.
    • You may find bones, fragments, 2x exp, or even a spooky fruit!
  • Bones can be exchanged at the Death King NPC for bonus rewards, now found in all seas.
  • Re-enabled the old Halloween titles, as well as the ability to roll random fruits from Death King.
  • Added new Sea Event: Haunted Shipwreck.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Leviathan's final segment not dropping rewards.
  • Fixed some scroll modifiers going beyond their Max level. If one of your stats is currently beyond Max, the extra level will be rerolled into a new modifier.
  • Fixed Ghoul V4 not disabling health regen.
  • Fixed Shark/Ghoul V4 status effects not getting destroyed correctly.
  • Fixed Player Hunter not displaying locations correctly.
  • Fixed a potential delay bug on fruits with M1 abilities.
  • Fixed being able to add two of the same Game Pass in trades.
  • Fixed Raid Bosses giving 2x their levels reward with 2x EXP on.
  • Fixed being able to cast some Portal skills during an Order raid.
  • Fixed some outdated notifications.
  • Fixed description on Leviathan Shield.
  • Fixed Fruit Boxes showing up in the trade window.
  • Fixed the ability to get stuck purposely with certain weapons.
  • Fixed cannonballs not dealing damage to NPC boats or Sea Beasts.
  • Fixed flipped Spirit Fruit icon.
  • Fixed the codes window not working correctly on Xbox.
  • Fix attempted for enemies despawning randomly sometimes.
  • Fixed map teleporters working on boats.
  • Fixed weird physics when riding the flamingo with your Besto Friendo.
  • Fix attempted for exploiters killing you before you spawn.
  • Fixed bosses respawning immediately after failing to be killed.
  • Fixed a weird bug with unequipping Buddha using autoclickers.
Balance Changes:
  • Shark Race:
    • Reduced speed debuffs and max shield on awakened passives.
    • The shield passive now only protects against 85% of the damage received, instead of 100%.
    • Reduced the duration and defense of V3.
  • Nerfed Rengoku's damage.
  • Besto Friendo can now jump, dash, and swim.
  • Reduced the hitbox on Sanguine Art clicks. Also, it will un-aggro when you don't have any tools selected.
  • Curse of the Reaper nerfed: 75% > 70%. Healing is now 1/3 on NPCs.
  • Storm blessing range increased by 80%.
  • The Unbreakable modifier now only works for the first 2 seconds a move is held.
  • Rebalanced the Sharpshooter and Unreal modifiers.
  • Nerfed the Piercing modifier by 1% and updated the description to explain its functionality better.
  • Slightly reduced the damage of all weapon upgrades by 1-3%.
  • Buffed Hallow Scythe speed and damage.
    • X now breaks Instinct.
  • Fixed stun on Mammoth's C and made it break Instinct.
  • Slightly increased cooldown on Portal's V and X moves.
  • Slightly reduced end lag on Dark Blade's Z.
  • Slightly buffed damage and hitboxes on Wando.
  • Soul Guitar no longer heals from ships.
  • Slightly reduced how dark it becomes in the ??? zone.
  • The shop will now display a few fruits at the top. Also, the order of some products has been rearranged.
  • Improved the logic on gift codes.